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An idea born.

The bagpipe harness was invented by Iain Roddick, a well known piper, he has many honours from a long pipe band career. The harness was in its early development stages when Iain was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease, he is now fully retired and was established and is run by his son Colin, with the aim to take his Dad's idea to pipers worldwide.

During his career Iain played an old set of Henderson Bagpipes with silver and ivory mounts. After a full day at a pipe band championship , the weight of the pipes was more than obvious. Iain used to roughly pin the pipes to his band uniform and found it helped. Other pipers were using surgical patches and velcro tape to prevent slippage. The idea developed from this point.

After numerous trials and various exotic designs over a lengthy period , the simplest idea turned out to be the best.

The Bagpipe Harness had arrived.

To quote Iain...

"It will take a bit of perseverance, because after striking the pipes at the intro there is no need to lift the bag to the playing position. The player simply pivots the bag under the arm."

The Genuine Article.

Tested. Tried. Trusted

Evolved through feedback and adaptation to the product we now know as "The Crossback". Rest assured it does what it says on the tin.


A quick release mechanism means the bagpipes can easily be detached with a quick click while the player still wears the harness. So inbetween playing times the harness can still be worn and the pipes then quickly re-attached when ready for playing again!


Designed, developed and tested to make a piper's life easier. From the amatuer player, to the experienced pro. The harness will support the weight of a set of bagpipes and keep them firmly and comfortably in place.


Your pipes will feel assured under your arm. The clever design means it can be worn over or under a jacket and the range of colours available means you can choose one to blend in with your uniform, or even just to personal taste.

We call it the Crossback.

You'll soon see and feel why.

The X design spreads the weight of your pipes across both shoulders. It's a natural feel that is nice and snug to your body. You're back will bear the crossover of the straps, hence the name Crossback.

We think it looks pretty darn cool.

Arm or shoulder injury affecting your playing?

We can help with that.

An unexpected, but most welcome bonus is the way the Bagpipe Harness has helped people return to piping after injury. Neck strains, nerve damage, arm and shoulder injuries, the harness has aided overcoming them all.

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Like Colour?

So do we.

Be subtle, or stand out from the crowd. The choice is yours, either way those pipes are staying put.

Let us know the colour you would like and we will do our best to make it happen.

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Made in Scotland.

Used Worldwide.
Proud to have shipped to so many shores.

A quality product.

A quality guarantee.

We believe in our harness and the benefits it brings. However, we also appreciate it won't be for everyone. If you're unsure about purchasing, rest assured we will refund you 100% if it turns out it's simply not your scene.

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