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My reeds arrived the other day. Almost plug and play. Great sound! Thank you!

Submitted by Russell Justice, Albania

I just got the reeds today. They are great ! (as usual :-)
Best regards,

Submitted by Axel Denhaerinck, France

I just played the reeds... WOW !
Best cane tenor reeds i have played, what a sound !
1st tone = 1st class, rock steady, very air efficient... Well done and many thanks !
Sure bass reed is ok too but i love this bubble sound with McNulty or Hoggan/Dews bass reeds.

Submitted by Ronan Latry - Piping uP

The reeds are absolutely first class!! I have them with a sheepskin bag in a set of MacDougalls and they couldn't sound any better.

Submitted by Troy Mulvaine, New York State, USA

A lot of guys in the band have been asking what drone reeds I'm using and I take great pleasure in telling them that I'm using "Roddick Reeds" I've currently got them going in my Atherton's and they're,well,..........fantastic !!

Submitted by Ronan Maguire, St.Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band

I recieved a package from Scotland yesterday from Colin Roddick containing two sets of his drone reeds to try out and was I surprised. The cane is of very good quality, checked for "wiskers and found none so I placed the reeds in a damp cloth overnite to add a little humidity. This morning I plugged them into my drones and golly gee wiz, talk about plug and play, the regular cut drones worked like a champ. I next tried the inverted set and after a little coaxing on one of the tounges, they worked also. I know there are a lot of good reed makers out there, but you can add Roddick Drone Reeds ( Bagpipe to the list as that I am well pleased.

As posted by John Voorhees on

I popped the reeds in today and they struck right up. I was very pleased at how well they fit- straight into the drones, almost an exact fit. I started with the inverted bass and one pair of matched tenors. First impressions are that they are great. Good tone, nice air demands, clean, well made.

Submitted by Stephen Wilkinson, USA

The harness and reeds arrived this morning. The harness does everything you say it does and the reeds are just singing and putting new heart into my old Hendersons!

Submitted by Andrew Hunter, France