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I can't say enough about this outstanding invention! It pretty much turns your pipes into a very easy to hold instrument. I like how it takes some of the weight off of the left shoulder, and how if you let go your pipes don't drop from your hands. Its very good for people with special needs or medical issues because it gives you security and comfort if you need to rest in the middle of a parade or something but you can't put your pipes down. I find I can practice much longer while using this as well, and for performances it blends right in with your clothes. You can get one at Very good price about $30 US.

As posted by Alexandria Davis on

Ok, I've had my harness for a while and it's now the start of our highland games season down here. I love it!!! It is amazing how much easier it's made it to play..especially when I have my vest on. And, I've had many comments and questions about it, and have passed your website out to people. I hope to see more over here in Florida!!

Submitted by Janet R. Keller, Florida, USA

I received the harness and had a chance to play with it today. Installation was a breeze and I find it very comfortable. It distributes the weight very well. For me, the beauty of your product is that it helps to solve in the age-old sliding bag problem and eases the pressure on my forearm. I'm playing a small gannaway and I still have slippage. I'd recommend expanding your US vendor list. You have a great product.

Submitted by Mark Hagedorn, Virginia, USA

I just thought I'd leave a "wee note" in congratulating you in the launch of your new cross back bagpipe harness. In my opinion, I believe the harness to be one of the finest and most revolutionary products to ever hit the bagpipe market so far. Having received it, it is quite literally never off my back. The design is excellent as it spreads the weight of the bagpipe over the shoulders and the back giving great support for long hours of practice and rehearsal. Another great advantage is how discreet the harness can be whilst worn. However, the harness for me comes into its own whilst playing the pipes wearing a heavy rain cape. For competition purposes, the fear of the dreaded cape has now but disappeared. Alas muscle fatigue, bag slipping fears and the need for unsightly grip patches on bagpipe covers have all but suddenly disappeared due to the harness. Overall the harness is a superb innovative product that has for me, pushed the boundaries within my own piping ability. Well done Mr. Roddick and I must say, I'm looking forward to seeing what other ideas and products you're planning for the future.

As submitted by Ross Forrest, Scotland.

As reviewed by Nathan Wahlgren on

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I happened to receive your package the very day I was allowed to try to ease back into piping! How's that for perfect timing? I LOVE THE NEW DESIGN! Such an improvement! You may be the reason I am getting more and more practice done each day! The doctors said I would probably be another month and a half to three months in therapy before I could even begin piping again but I am up to almost an hour. The old design harness I could see myself using in massed bands or days when I know I will be playing all day but this new one I can see myself using everytime I pipe! So comfortable and easy to adjust.

As submitted by Jessie Rose, Mississipi, USA.

I really like the new design. Once you have set it to the right size it's just perfect, it can't shoot loose from your kilt or anything like that. I played at a couple of Tattoo's with my band last weekend in Germany and I had no problems at all with my bag slipping down.

As submitted by Gilian Hettinga, Netherlands.

The new harness is brilliant. A lot better than the first one. Have just given it a long work-out and after a while I didn't feel that I was wearing one. It is so flexible and there isn't any restriction. It is so quick and easy to put on and adjust. Just brilliant. The old one was a bit like a straight-jacket. You always knew you were wearing it, and it felt tight and very restricting in movement. I think you have well and truly cracked it.

As submitted by Bruce McGechan, Auckland, New Zealand.